Air Force JROTC Chain of Command

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President of the United States of America
Barack Obama Barack H. Obama

Secretary of Defense
Chuck Hagel official photo Charles T. Hagel

Deputy Secretary of Defense
Carter Ashton Ashton B. Carter

Secretary of the Air Force
Debra L James Deborah Lee James

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

General Martin E. Dempsey

Air Force Chief of Staff
Mark III General Mark A. Welsh III

Vice Chief of Staff
Spencer General Larry O. Spencer

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
CMSAF Cody 2013 CMSAF James A. Cody

Commander, Air Education and Training Command
Robin Rand General Robin Rand

Commander, Air University
Fadok08 Lt. Gen. David S. Fadok

Commander, Holm Center
Robertdthomas Brigadier General Robert D. Thomas

Director, Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
Cameron Gilbert Colonel Cameron L. Gilbert

The above Chain of Command is as retrieved on 28 December 2013.[1]

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