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Navy JROTC cadets wearing the Navy Service Uniform, the standard uniform for NJROTC cadets.

There are many uniforms worn throughout the NJROTC program, some which are phased out but worn on some occasions by some units. Many exhibit different uniform items worn.


This is the basic uniform worn by Navy JROTC cadets while all other uniforms were phased out, this one replacing all of them. It consits of a khaki shirt, black trousers, black belt with a gold belt buckle, black shoes and socks, an a garrison cover. Ribbons are worn on this uniform 1/4 of an inch above the respected pocket and centered, name tag is worn with the same measurement, while collar devices are worn 1 7/8 of an inch from the collar tip. This is the basic uniform and is worn from regular uniform days, drill meets, and or official functions.


The service dress blue unifrom is a special uniform worn by chiefs and officers(and enlisted members of the color guard at some schools). It consist of a Navy blue jacket(with a long sleeve shirt and black cotton tie under, black trousers, black shoes and black socks, a combination cover or a garrison cover(optional). This uniform is normally worn for special events, or in some cases drill meets and color guards.
NJROTC uniform

A cadet exhibiting the Service Dress Blue uniform


The Summer Blue uniform is a phased out uniform worn by NJROTC units, worn by all cadets but no longer worn as a standard uniform. Uniform consits of a white shirt, black belt with a gold belt buckle, black trousers, black shoes and socks, and a garrison cover(enlisted) and an optional combo cover(for chiefs and officers). The measurements are the same as the Navy service uniform, although not a standard uniform anymore some units use them for color guards, and or other functions.
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Cadets at Leadership academy in beaumont, Texas exhibiting the Summer blue uniform


The Winter Blue uniform is also a phased out uniform no longer worn by NJROTC units as a main uniform. It consits of a long sleeve black shirt(with a tie for males, neck tab for females), black shoes and socks, black trousers, black belt with a gold belt buckle, and a garrison cover(enlisted) or a combo cover(option for chiefs and officers). Measurements are the same as the other uniforms except for collar devices. 1" inch in and down from the top of the collar, while no longer a main uniform it is still used by some schools for color guards, and or other functions.
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NJROTC chiefs and officers right before performing an honor guard exhibiting the winter blue uniform

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