The rank structure for each of the JROTC programs, comparing them to their Active Duty counterpart, is displayed here.

Enlisted CadetsEdit

US Air Force Active Duty JROTC Cadet
Airman Basic No insignia No insignia
Airman AfE-2 AfE-2c
Airman First Class AfE-3 AfE-3c
Senior Airman AfE-4 AfE-4c
Staff Sergeant AfE-5 AfE-5c
Technical Sergeant AfE-6 AfE-6c
Master Sergeant AfE-7 AfE-7c
Senior Master Sergeant AfE-8 AfE-8c
Chief Master Sergeant AfE-9

Command Sergeant Major AE9 CAE10

Cadet OfficersEdit

US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps Active Duty JROTC Cadet Army/Marines JROTC Cadet Air Force

US Navy, US Coast Guard Active Duty JROTC Cadet
Ensign NoO-1 NjoO-1
Lieutenant Junior Grade NoO-2 NjoO-2
Lieutenant NoO-3 NjoO-3
Lieutenant Commander NoO-4 NjoO-4
Commander NoO-5 NjoO-5
Captain NoO-6 NjoO-6

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