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Second Lieutenant's, also known as O-1's, is the first officer rank in the branches of the United States Army, United States Marine Corps, and the United States Air Force. In the active duty military, the rank of second lieutenant consists of one gold bar AKA “butter bar”.

Army & Marine Corps JROTC Edit

Army and Marine Corps Junior ROTC's 2nd Lt. rank consists of one silver circle. The grade of Cadet Second Lieutenant (C/2d Lt) is the first cadet officer grade of Army & USMC JROTC.

Air Force JROTC Edit

AFJROTC 2nd Lt Insignia
Air Force JROTC's 2nd Lt. rank consists of one single silver chevron. The grade of cadet second lieutenant (C/2nd Lt) is the first cadet officer grade of the Air Force JROTC. At this rank a Second Lieutenant usually serves as a Flight Commander. Cadet Second Lieutenants are to be referred to as "Lieutenant" (or "Sir/Ma'am") by other cadets.

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